Sunday, August 15, 2004

Questions for a Hot August Night

The current election season is in full swing and the "spin doctors" are hard at work explaining the explanations of their candidates.

As a historian (who is allowed to dwell in any century at any time!), I know that there are no "good ol' days." I do long, however, for the spirit of Harry Truman to alight on our politicians so that we can at least enjoy some honest, plain-spoken words.

What was Senator Kerry's real record in Vietnam? Do we invalidate the word of over 200 soldiers close to the scene?

What are the oil interests close to Dick Cheney? And why is the Bush administration so hesitant to confront the Saudis about their support of terrorism?

Why is Bill Cosby vilified for criticizing bad parenting among African Americans? What happened to the ethics of Booker T. Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King?

Why are so many of the vocal advocates of "traditional values"living a lie with their personal affairs?

How can the United Nations condemn Israel for a protective fence while they turn a blind eye to Islamofascist terrorism and Sudanese enslavement of non-Muslims?

Why do we condone total disrespect for the rule of law and allow unfettered illegal immigation from Mexico and keep honest applicants from other nations waiting years for a visa?

Why do we promote gas-guzzling SUV's and offer a pittance of support for fuel-cell and other alternatives to auto fuel?

These are some questions for a hot August night - and for our local and national leaders to consider!

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