Friday, October 22, 2004

The War Within Ourselves

As I ponder the paucity of intellectual rigor in the public square and the manifold degrees of separation between media reality and the unvarnished truth, I come to a startling conclusion.

The conflict in our nation is not between Democrat and Republican, Conservative and Liberal or even Progressive and Traditional franchises. All of these parties have legitimate points of debate and genuine issues that must be addressed.

The real issue is the war within the American soul - and even more pointedly, in the soul of each American.

Are we listening to the deep, reasonate voice of conscience and making decisions for the greater good of our community and future, or are we merely going with today's hedonistic flow of "feel good now" and shun the consequences?

Are we ready to consider new ways of resolving real issues in a considerate and deliberate manner, or do we simply dismiss any contrary opinion and research as invalid because it is contrary to our ideology?

Do we have an appreciation for our history and the hope it can engender, or do we dismiss the past and randomly amble to an uncertain future?

Parents, is the character and integrity of your children of paramount importance, or do your egos demand so much stroking that you work impossible hours?

Adult children, are you going to remain a victim of your parent's inadequacies or decide to be people of faith, focus and follow-through, choosing a better future and forgiving your parents' past errors?

Please vote! Please keep (with civility) arguing your politcal agendas...but take a moment and ponder the war within and consider the higher ideals, the "First Things" that have always renewed the human spirit.

America's soul is found in the soul of each American - it is our choice...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hippocrates and Elections

In the old Hippocratic Oath, one of the key lines is, "First, do no harm." As a thoughtful voter, it is increasingly difficult to get excited about the B-grade drama being played out on all levels.

Do I vote for a veteran I do not trust who champions freedom to destroy embryonic life or a silver spoon scion who refuses to protect our borders?

Do I help place in the White House a husband and wife who "think globally" at the expense of national interests or someone mismanaging our war on terror?

Do I elect someone ready to tax me for increased government inefficiency or a man beholden to large economic interests?

The list could go on...

I will remeber Hippocrates and choose life and vote for the incumbent and pray that he will actually do something to correct our terrible economic and immigration imbalances. The alternative is a brave new world I find even more discouraging.

I promise to be more cheerful next time!

My new book is out: The Power of Faithful Focus