Thursday, July 05, 2007

July 5 is Reality

Our Founders ratified the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July and John Hancock affixed his famous signature to the document that day. The other delegates would sign Declaration on August 2. John Adams and others recognized the importance of July 4th and suggested that it be perennially marked by celebration, fireworks and gratitude to the Almighty for the birth of a new land of liberty.

July 5th dawned as another muggy, oppressive summer day in Philadelphia. Imagine a non-air-conditioned room full if men who bathed weekly and wore layers of wool clothing! The Continental Congress had much to do beyond ratifying a Declaration. There was an army to feed and supply, a new Republic to govern and the real fear of losing everything if they failed.

Why is July 5th important? it is important because our Founders kept on working at the tasks at hand. Securing a new nation meant daily toil, not just high moments of public proclamation.

Why is July 5th important today? Today there are millions of Americans who are faithful to their families, work hard, serve the community, worship God and carry on the tasks that make this the greatest nation on earth. July 4th is great - fireworks and fun, beaches and barbecues - but July 5th may be more important, for it is the ordinary responsible activities of all our citizens that make us great!

Let's celebrate July 5th by being heroes to our kids and making history by our fidelity to the virtues that are the cornerstone of liberty.