Saturday, July 26, 2008

McCandidate Meets Megalomania

As I observe the current presidential race, I am appalled at the dearth of discourse and surplus of superficiality that pervade the public square. We have serious issues to confront - ecology and economics, immigration and international policies, and a growing nanny state that wants to control our lives from prenatal care to permissive euthanasia. 

None of the serious economic or political issues seem to matter as our first post-American candidate runs for benevolent despot of the planet and his opponent is paralyzed because he is not able to play the maverick against his conservative base. We have a McCandidate in McCain who seems to love our country, but have no visceral convictions that will propel him to oppose the messianic aspirations of the least-experienced and least-qualified person to run for office since General Harrison in 1840.

The press seems more concerned with Obama's antiperspirant than his weather-vane statements of foreign policy and conviction that he will be dealing with the leaders he is meeting for "the next eight to ten years." I guess Barak Hussein Obama is planning on becoming El Presidente for Life by the end of his second term. After all, shouldn't we all be learning Spanish?

Meanwhile Senator McCain, who at least has a real voting record and reasonable abilities, cannot seem to find the guts to defend America from a man who will accelerate our national descent into dependency. 

It is time to drill for oil AND develop new energy sources. It is time to balance a budget, thus strengthening the dollar AND prosecute the war on terror more intelligently. It is time to seal our borders AND welcome all legal immigrants with open arms. It is time to make English the national language AND teach other languages in elementary schools (and perhaps graduate students able to read and write). It is time to call for personal responsibility AND regulate the mortgage industry more thoroughly. By the way, even the most negative statistics have 99.5% of homeowners still in their homes.

Barak Obama is dangerous to the future of our nation. He can not even recite the facts of his own upbringing clearly and his outright lies about his own on-the-record policy statements are cause for deep concern. He does not love America for what is best about her. Obama loves his vision of America - a semi-socialist, world-accountable, Leviathan where enlightened Harvard graduates guide the masses (especially the gun-toting religious ones) into a New World Order just like the EU.  Obama the person and Obama the political product are indistinguishable.

John McCain must find the fire again, the courage to confront and and the decisiveness to declare that the USA has been held hostage long enough and it is time to reclaim our first principles of life and liberty. Obama calls for sacrifice for the world's poor - McCain must call the dictators of developing nations to account. Obama tells us that we must step out of our cars and into mass transit - McCain can invite a new era of American ingenuity. Obama promises trillions in government programs - McCain must promise to cut trillions of waste from future budgets. 

The Boomer generation has seen our national debt increase ninefold in 40 years. Our savings are nil and our economic engines are lubricated with investors who care nothing for our values. We have, in the ancient prophet's words, "sown to the wind and reaped the whirlwind." Our material and sexual indulgence emboldens radical Islam even as it dulls our spiritual and political senses. We must not be the victims of Al Gore's paganism or the materialism of rapacious multinational corporations. 

There is still time to see our nation go "back to the future" by recovering our values and vision. We can have economic growth that is environmentally sensitive. We can make cars more efficient without creating a nation of mass transit drones. We can be generous to a needy world while making sure our own poor are cared for. We can call for personal responsibility by urban dads while ending redlining and stimulating local economies. We can recover moral responsibility without theocratic intolerance. 

How to vote in the fall? I will vote by default for the least dangerous candidate while putting all my efforts toward moral and spiritual renewal of people and communities who care about our future. I ask you to join me in recovering our best history and hope. There are more Trumans and Eisenhowers yet to be discovered. Truman fought Communism; Eisenhower warned about the "military-industrial complex." Both presidents pushed Civil Rights forward while affirming traditional moral values. These men teach us how to argue about our differences while building on our common interests. 

Join me in the opportunity of our lifetime...