Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekend Wisdom Before the Election

Journalist Tom Brokaw, appearing on the Charlie Rose Show recently, asserted that, "We do not really know the universe of Barak he really sees the world."

How interesting. After fifteen years of self-promotion, two years of ceaseless campaigning and overwhelmingly favorable coverage from a worshipful media, how can anyone say, "We do not know Barak Obama"?

This confusion is by design. The entire image-making machinery of the last two decades has been deliberately crafted to prevent clear insight, critical thinking and anything resembling clarity.

In contrast, we have the public crucifixions of Governor Pailin and Joe the Plumber, with the bald-faced lies and subversive activities of Obama operatives glossed over.

There are real issues of substance that are being lost because of the Obama strategies of lying, minor retractions, intimidation and outright thuggery. Consider the following:

On Rev. Jeremiah Wright: In 1995 he was hailed as a mentor, pastor and surrogate father-figure. After 20 years under his tutelage, Obama claims that he never heard the racism and hatred of America in his pastor's messages.

On William Ayers: Obama started his political career in his living room, endorsed his book, served together on boards, and worked on educational and political initiatives (which after millions spent, have achieved nothing to improve Chicago). Today Ayers is "just a professor in the neighborhood."

Other examples of playing fast and loose with the truth can be enumerated, but these two are stark examples of Obama's inability to tell the truth. Perhaps he cannot bear telling himself the truth. How sad. He is so much a product of a post-modern media machine that he actually believes whatever he said five minutes ago, but disregards comments from five days ago!

Here is the propaganda process - introduced by Lenin, systemetized by Goerbbels for Hitler and perfected by megalomaniacs and narcissists everywhere:

Tell an outright lie.

When caught, issue a slight modification and attack your opponents for suggesting you are anything but truthful.

Never address an issue directly, but keep speaking hypnotically on vague themes like "hope" and "change."

Deflect all questions about your associations, but paint your opponent as a lapdog of the previous administration.

Make up your own data when convenient.

Appease the Leftists by emphasizing your radical mentors and being anti-war, while deceiving moderates with chuckles and shrugs about being young once and promising to be wise.

The scary thing about this election is the utter ignorance of most Obama supporters. They are so tired of Bush and so mesmerized by the staging that they will follow lemming-like right off the cliff.

The Bush Vacuum

An Obama presidency is only possible because of the poor leadership of both Bush presidents. The elder Bush's failure to prosecute Gulf War I fully and his flip=flop on taxes ushered in Clinton. Younger Bush made similar mistakes. The present surge should have happened right after the capture of the Iraqi dictator. The Republican failure to reign in spending and seal the borders increased the vacuum of leadership. Their inability to inspire us with their speeches further paved the way for Democratic leaders.

By the way, the same type of vacuum was created by President Jimmy Carter, ushering in Ronald Reagan. After four years of Carter's self-righteous malaise, we were ready for real hope and change!

Is there hope for Tuesday?

Yes! Turn off the TV, study the issues, prepare your ballots and encourage everyone to vote.

Do not believe the propaganda - this is a close race. The newest Obama tactics include intimidation and threats of violence if he loses! They are also acting as if the race is over.

CNN ran a tag line a few days ago, "McCain abandons Colorado." AT THE SAME TIME Palin was speaking to thousands in multiple events! CNN is no longer a news agency - it is a Stalinist arm of the Obama machine and anything they say should be taken with an entire bag of rock salt. Just last night, under "Breaking News" they aired a 30-minute Obama speech! Here is a man with unlimited money getting free air time while McCain keeps his promise on fund-raising as is rarely shown!

If all Values Voters go to the polls, we will have the biggest upset since Truman beat Dewey. In can happen - and will if we are unafraid.