Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Tax is a Tax

Obamacare is a tax. For those of us that object to its goals and structures, the solution is simple: repeal and replace as soon as possible.

Today's ruling was not a mandate for the Administration. It was a narrow ruling on constitutionality and taxation, not an endorsement of one of the worst bills in U.S. history.

Attorney General Holder was found in contempt of Congress, with 110 Democrats acting like silly undergrads and refusing to vote.

Democratic leaders were gleefully tweeting obscenities at their Republican losers. The only losers are the productive part of the American populace that will be forced to pay higher prices and receive poorer service for their medical care.

I am channeling my anger to action, my frustration to faith. 10% of Catholics switching their vote and 5% more pro-life people voting and we have a change of Administration in November.

Yes, I expect this desperate Administration will try to generate some kind of October surprise to sway the 10-15% of voters that decide at the last minute. Our best hope is humility, truth, vigilance and relentless prayers as we face the most important election since 1860.

By thw way, we are also voting for Congressional leaders, governors, mayors, city/town councils and thousands of other offices and statutes...politics is still (in spite of Obama's narcissism) local.