Friday, December 04, 2009

Euphemisms for Totalitarianism

Finally, EU and UN officials are coming clean and speaking of "global management" and "global governance" as the aims of the Copenhagen climate summit.

I am not against voluntary international cooperation.

I am deeply worried about a new elite "managing" our lives down to our electric meters.

China, India and Russia are already, "Nay" on any serious controls over their economies.

The EU leaders are outright hypocrites on energy policy, since a large portion of their electrical power in nuclear. (The USA has not built a new plant in more than two decades.)

The only guarantee of real liberty is decentralized governance, with maximum personal freedom and affirmation of regional uniqueness.

Does anyone notice that almost none of the 57 Muslim nations are saying anything about "climate change"?

Recent scandals in England and more than 31,000 scientists opposing the "conclusions" of other scientists should cause us to pause. Follow the grant money.

Al Gore's organization (he is about $100M richer since he left office to peddle his nonsense) is aware that they need a new crisis to further global control - and the choice is plastic waste.

Our Founders in 1789 understood that the role of government was to safeguard personal liberties and create peaceful space for human flourishing with minimal control.

The real planetary crises are structural poverty, AIDS and other preventable diseases and the violence that that accompanies petty tyrannies. The UN would do well to address these issues instead of feathering its anti-American nests with more exploitation of hard-working Americans.

America is cleaner now than in 1970. Both Democratic and Republican leaders have created private-public partnerships that enable enterprise to continue while making sure we do not deprive future generations of resources.

By the way, it was Governor Sarah Palin that took on Big Oil and the Republican machine in Alaska and forged balanced policies that enrich citizens while protecting wildlife. If an non-white Democrat had done the same in any state, the Left and the UN would lionize them with a Nobel Prize.

We must refuse to ratify anything that comes from Copenhagen or smells like Kyoto, Buenos Aires or any other global elite gathering.

Voluntary cooperation for the welfare of all is good; the compulsory transfer of wealth to corrupt nations reverses the tides of freedom and enslaves millions more.