Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hippocrates and Elections

In the old Hippocratic Oath, one of the key lines is, "First, do no harm." As a thoughtful voter, it is increasingly difficult to get excited about the B-grade drama being played out on all levels.

Do I vote for a veteran I do not trust who champions freedom to destroy embryonic life or a silver spoon scion who refuses to protect our borders?

Do I help place in the White House a husband and wife who "think globally" at the expense of national interests or someone mismanaging our war on terror?

Do I elect someone ready to tax me for increased government inefficiency or a man beholden to large economic interests?

The list could go on...

I will remeber Hippocrates and choose life and vote for the incumbent and pray that he will actually do something to correct our terrible economic and immigration imbalances. The alternative is a brave new world I find even more discouraging.

I promise to be more cheerful next time!

My new book is out: The Power of Faithful Focus

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