Wednesday, June 30, 2004

California Dreaming

Once again our Golden State will have a budget that ignores both economic sense and the desires of the electorate. Our new govenor has failed at every level to foster systemic change in a process that has taken the wealthiest state and made her a greator debtor than most nations of the world.

Whether Democrat or Republican, the lust for power once again overcomes all sound principles. Long-term fiscal and social health are not going to come through pork-barrel policies or sound-bites, but real reformers willing to look at all facets of our state priorities and make hard choices.

We are truly in "la-la land" if we think "business as usual" will keep businesses from fleeing the state and overtaxed citizens from frustration.

The question for our leaders in Sacramento is simple: does anyone have the courage to transform policy or are we going to be at the mercy of every fresh-faced demagogue?

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