Monday, February 06, 2012

Creating Wealth

One of the amazing things about our planet and human nature is that we can create wealth, enriching our lives and serving others as we discover new artistic expressions, products, services and skills that enhance our human experience in diverse ways. From colorful canvasses to new mathematical formulae, we keep on uncovering new mysteries of the universe and unveiling new artistic visions. Someone helps folks connect with each other and a thousand millionaires are about to be born. Life saving medical knowledge and life-giving wells are transforming famine-ravaged parts of our world. We do not live in a zero-sum bubble of limitation and scarcity. We have a vibrant world of possibilities that we are called to steward well.

Our economic future will be as bright as our imagination, as solid as our ethics and as sustainable as our love for others. Wealth creation is more than economic opportunity. We enrich the world and ourselves with every encouraging word and each act of kindness. When we look past our personal wants to the hopes of others, our vision grows and possibilities become tangible. If each of us thinks deeply and acts decisively for the good of others, present pathways of self-destruction can be altered and new avenues of prosperity unearthed.

We do not need Utopian promises from political elites or dystopian rumors to dissuade our efforts. Equipped with faith, hope and love and empowered to act, our daily decisions forge a future far richer that any stump speech.

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