Friday, January 27, 2012

Disney Comes to Presidential Politics

The Disney brand is amazing. From amusement parks to films, from media products to toys, a colorful world of fantasy awaits the consumer. For entertainment and family vacations, no one can rival Disney's influence. There is a place for escapist fun and millions of people enjoy what Disney creates.

Today's political rhetoric rivals Disney. The fantasy worlds and outright fabrication of history and reality are stunning. We are facing the greatest crises in our history and all the American people are hearing are platitudes. Yes, there are a few practical policies buried within the sound bites; however, they are hard to decipher as the propaganda of image and word gush out over the airwaves and web.

Republican candidates need to stop lashing out at each other and debate the practical pathways to repairing the diplomatic, economic and policy disasters of the past three years. Let the press expose all the dirt - the candidates need to refine their solutions and explain to the American people the real road to a better future.

I wish Barak Obama was simply clueless or out of his depth. We could then elect someone else and remember a failed Presidency led by a Chicago political hack. What we are facing is the first President in our history who is contemptuous of our Constitution, disdainful of our heritage and determined to rule by fiat. Every honest measurement demonstrates the utter failure of his policies, from ballooning deficits (with no plan to change the trajectory), Un(der)employment growing, Islamofascism on the rise, family values under direct assault and an utter inability to carry on civil, rigorous debate. His favorite totalitarian phrase lately is "Don't let anyone tell you differently." Such language ends debate, stifles creativity and dooms us to paralysis.

Obama has created an alternate universe in his inner circles, with billionaires benefiting from terrible decisions (Keystone Pipeline cancellation). We have a burgeoning federal workforce and hundreds of union groups exempt from Obamacare, while small and medium business owners struggle to survive. Obama and the Keynesian socialists surrounding him despise private business (except for select Eco-groovy, organic progressives who will employ the undocumented). They hate the military and are gleefully touting a "peace dividend" as our troops come home from Iraq. There is no real "money" saved - just a slightly smaller deficit to corral. New agencies for ethics and environmental concerns sound good to some victims, but we have enough regulation. Obama's view of life is a government that bestows material well-being and political rights. He forgets that the US Constitution exists to protect the rights of the people and the states, while restricting the reach of the federal government.

Obama is not corrupt (he is faithful to his wife and family - a very good thing), clueless or just incompetent. Presidents of both parties have met these standards (Anyone celebrating Buchanan or Harding?). Obama wants to remake America - and the world - according to his globalist, post-American and anti-free-enterprise ideology. He really believes he is smarter that most and that he and his associates know what is best for the "the people." The fact that his election strategists keep on playing the class, race and envy cards is evidence of the paucity of substance at the heart of this Administration. Professors are placed in front of cameras and declare that anytime a Republican touts family values or hard work that they are homophobes and racists. Spin doctors ignore the sources of the Obama family's income and the extreme attempts to hide all childhood and young adult records, including published articles.

Republicans are not exempt from weaving fantasies in place of facts. The policies of both Bush Presidents did not arrest the spending patterns of a generation. We simply cannot sustain a warfare and welfare state at the same time. The fact that anyone listens to Newt Gingrich or Oliver North after their records of corruption is startling. Ron Paul's popularity is directly connected to the deep dissatisfaction of diverse groups with the current crop of candidates. Romney needs to tell the world, "I am rich. Here are my records." Gingrich needs to withdrawal and go back to a think tank and send ideas to the next President. Santorum is a solid citizen, but not without flaws. He must atone for some of his Senate pork, clearly affirm civil rights for all Americans while defending traditional marriage, strengthen his support for real borders and e-verify and communicate more compassion for those contemplating abortion (without compromising an admirable pro-life position).

The best thing that could happen would be the insertion of Mitch Daniels or Tom Pawlenty into the mix. Their combination of character and competence would be refreshing and confront the vacuousness of the current regime. At least they have led states toward a better future and not wasted their energies weaving mythological worlds.

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Matthew said...

Based on the title, I thought you were going to reference President Obama's recent address from Walt Disney World.