Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years After

As we pause and remember the events and victims of 9-11-2001, we have an opportunity to recapture some of the courage and unity that marked the labors of our first responders and the spontaneous expressions of the American people. This unprecedented tragedy opened a new chapter of global warfare, awakening America and the West to the pervasive threat of radical Islam.

We need to celebrate our relative safety and express our gratitude to the men and women in our law enforcement, intelligence and military forces who work tirelessly to keep us secure.

We also need to reflect deeply on the current contradictions in our policies, with thousands of soldiers at risk, a political class afraid to confront intolerant Islam and economic policies undermining our strength to resist evil.

Even more than policy reflections, we need to respond to this moment with deep moral and spiritual change. Our greatest defense against terror is Divine love demonstrated in compassion, integrity and a resolve to honor past heroes with our own courage born of profound encounters with God and engaging service on behalf of others.

Our enemies call us decadent. We will respond with decency.

Our adversaries hate freedom and liberty. We will reaffirm that we want for all others the rights we desire for ourselves. We are willing to live with our deepest differences.

Radical Islam treasures a coercive, universal caliphate. We will value diversity and never capitulate to totalitarians.

Those who hate us also envy our prosperity and resent our influence. Our posture must be humble, generous and persuasive, allowing our reverence for God, respect for all people and resolute defence of freedom to lead us forward.

Let's rid ourselves of fear and choose faith. Let's forget being "politically correct" and choose moral clarity. Let's love our Muslim neighbors, but not be naive about religious perversions that sanction violence. Let's commemorate this moment with prayer, hugs for family and friends and choosing life every moment.

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Rodney Page said...

Thank you Charlie.
I,m reminded of Noah . If he could stand up for God being only one, then we can stand being many .may we never shy away from the truth of Jesus Christ and him crucified risen and coming again though the whole world says no.
you're brother Rod Page