Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Forgotten Folks

As the USA navigates uncharted economic rapids, there are groups of people that are overlooked in the passions and polemics. I am not speaking of the groups each political party claims as their own. Democrats claim the "poor" and Republicans claim the "small business" community. Tea party activists are marginalized and anyone for universal health care is labeled a socialist. Lost in all the rhetoric are several folks that deserve our attention and respect.

Our soldiers and veterans deserve better policies and support, from how and when we engage terrorism to the fiscal, physical and psychological needs they have off the battlefield.

Disabled and injured workers with legitimate needs have to navigate a dehumanizing system just to get the help they deserve.

Our ally Israel faces hostility from the leaders of the false "Arab Spring" and the threat of a unilateral declaration of another Palestinian state with no diplomatic or security guarantees.

Millions of families will be taxed again when a loved one passes away if there is not real reform in Congress.

Our citizens along the Mexican border and in several cities need protection from criminal cartels and illegal immigrants overtaking their land and opportunities. There are thousands of acres of beautiful parks that are war zones.

Deeply religious people of many traditions are alienated by social engineers determined to rewrite history and social norms.

In the midst of all the inflammatory language, the people most injured are the hard-working, mortgage-and-tax-paying citizens who deserve better stewards of the public trust.

On behalf of all the forgotten folks, I urge leaders to rediscover public service and restore the good credit of the USA.

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