Friday, June 17, 2011


Change is unsettling. Even in our hectic, global-internet world, we want some things to be stable. We hope we can keep our marriages and our friends, our church and community connections and perhaps our favorite barista! We enjoy hearing from fellow high school and college alumni and when we drive past old neighborhoods we instinctively look for landmarks of our history.

But changes come. Buildings are built and torn down. Institutions die and others rise. Friends move and drift away from our inner circles. Our elementary schools are now condos or parks. Even our faith communities change leaders and liturgies. By the time we have unwrapped our new computer or iPad, it is obsolete to those in the know.

Some other changes have far-reaching effects we can miss if we are not paying attention. Changing laws and regulations, soaring government (read:us) debt-loads and military adventures all point to a world in transition - and not all the changes are salutary.

Rather than lament today's changes, I want to encourage us that there are some things that last forever and are worth nurturing in all circumstances.

Authentic, humble and sincere faith in the Almighty will fortify us body, mind and spirit and help us be a source of stability for the displaced. Let's take time to be intelligent followers of our Lord and allow the the precepts of our tradition to become living practices.

Our marriages and family relationships are always worth nurturing and our openness to new friendships will not keep us from deepening old ones. Growing our businesses, churches and communities comes down to a simple query, "Do we have room in our hearts for a new friend?"

Our service to God and the world will reverberate long after we have left the a particular geography, job or even our earthy tabernacles. Encouraging and empowering others, opening doors for their success and partnering to change a situation for the better will last far longer than ambition, legacy-protection and self-promotion.

Faith, friendship and future blessing will endure after all the speeches are done and the systems change. In fact, focusing on the eternal will have maximum influence today.

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Steven King said...

Change is fact, the only one who likes change is a wet baby.

I have just relocated to Florida and I am seriously considering starting my doctorate this fall. (Hey, my two master's degrees are starting to get lonely.

Hope your Father's Day was wonderful!

-Steve King