Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Real "Arab Spring"

There is no serious movement for democracy in the Middle East. The little bit of liberal/secular opposition to dictatorships is being consumed by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Any regimes that even think of working with Israel or the USA will be subject to protests and violence.

Our current Administration is naive at best and self-destructive at worst as it attempts "outreach" to Islamic movements. There has been no moderation, no negotiation, no evidence of any change except further radicalization.

Here are the real signs of an authentic "Arab Spring":

Denunciation of terrorism.

Official diplomatic recognition of the State of Israel (even within 1947-1949 borders). Agree to the Oslo Accords and let Jerusalem be the capital of two states that choose to cooperate instead of hurt each other.

Economic, political and social reform and services for the three generations of Palestinian refugees. The Arab world has enough money to make sure no one is in poverty.

End the violence against all other religious communities and allow freedom of press, religion and speech, even allowing women and men to change religious affiliation without fear.

End the oppression of women, allowing full access to educational and professional opportunities.

Join the global world of democracies, allowing fair and free elections and being accountable for where money is used.

I have a dream - a dream for all under the oppression of Sharia Law to be free - free to reinterpret an ancient religion; free to change affiliations; free to speak and think without fear; free to become the people God created them to be. This is the dream of our founders in 1776/1787. This is the dream of the Civil Rights Movement. This is the dream of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the "Prague Spring" of 1968. This is the dream fulfilled as the Berlin Wall came down.

President Obama, please stop appeasing leaders who want our destruction. Please stop alienating Israel. Please recognize that we have the history, political structure and diversity that gives us moral authority to influence the world for good.

If we do not remove our blinders, there is a clear and present danger that this pseudo Arab Spring will become the global winter of jihad.

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