Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time for a CEASE-Fire

The 2011 policies of the Obama Administration can be summarized in one phrase: Hope that things are stable enough economically and globally for re-election next year. I am using the word CEASE as an acronym to expose the paucity of principle and the absence of substance found in current leadership.

C = There is no CLARITY in current decisions. Until the recent months, Libya was barely on the radar screen and her leader a bit player. Now we are "liberating" Libya? Why was it wrong for both Bush Presidents to engage in Iraq but Clinton and Obama can drop bombs?

E = There are no ETHICAL principles guiding this Administration other than ideological vagaries and political expediency. Yes, sometimes economic realism forces us to work with regimes we find distasteful - and isn't interesting that we are in tune with the Saudis who fund terrorism and bombing a nation that renounced it?

A = There is few AMERICAN interests behind current trends. The Administration is determined to make us good global citizens at the expense of the creativity and liberties that make us an exceptional nation.

S = The lack of STRATEGIC thinking is tragic and does not bode well for our future. There are strategies for all the wrong ideas, especially policies that increase federal control and oversight. Obama is content, like all totalitarians before him, to try to ride above the contentions of his minions and then appear to save the day.

E = The utter lack of ENTHUSIASM for American life and our potential is evident, with all the bowing to foreign royalty, calls for "humility" and outright capitulation (dare we say submission?) to the Islamic interests we are "reaching out" to. Our friends do not trust us, our enemies see us confused and the world lacks a clarion call to freedom.

There must be a candidate for President willing to balance the budget, use military force wisely with as little occupation as possible and keep our land free from self-destructive dependence on resources from regimes dedicated to our destruction.

Republicans must choose wisely and be ready to endure a hailstorm of abuse from many voices, who, though disappointed with Obama, cannot bear the thought of ethical, principled leader who is patriotic, devoted to liberty, determined to reduce federal waste and a believer in the potential of every person.


AE@LS said...

I can understand that the current status is no forward movement. But that seems largely due to budget impasses, due to the new Congress.

If the administration is/was so devoid of vision, why is the current House so attached to turning back the advances (or otherwise) of this administration and the last Congress.

Sorry if this does not fit into a simple acronym.


“Messenger to the Thoughtful" said...

You make a point - BUT the current Congress was elected to get spending under control