Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Questions for Both Sides of the Aisle

The current descent into the politics of intimidation and reaction is not serving our nation well. As long as the votes are there, the current administration doesn't give a fig about what the other party or even a majority of Americans think - they know better and they are counting on ignorance and neediness to fuel their agenda. The Republican and Tea Party reactions (not always the same thing) are sometimes cogent and sometimes incoherent, but they are powered by a deep anger rooted in the loss of liberty. The problem for the Republicans is that they have not demonstrated how to cover the uninsured cost-effectively and empower the states to roll up their sleeves and solve the problems. For every Republican who screams against the stimulus and big government, there is another one cutting a ribbon on a project funded by Washington.

I have some questions for both sides that may unite thoughtful people behind a real revolution of love and service.

Mr. President, will you please come clean with your history and dispel all the rumors about your birth, education, publications and past work efforts? You promised transparency and we are getting obfuscation. I think you may want a veil of mystery to demonize your enemies, polarize the web world and stay in power. Please open the files and all this can go away. I am a historian - I just want to know. I wish I could take your word for it, but Watergate taught me to be skeptical. Allay my fears and tell the truth.

Mr. Steele and the RNC, will you please offer solutions to real problems that unite instead of divide, demonstrate justice and compassion and the proper balance of federal and state power? Many in the Republican Party forget that it took the federal government to enforce the rights of millions to vote. It was Republican lawmakers, along with fair-minded Democrats, that gave President Johnson a Civil Rights Act and a Voting Rights Act. Along with individual and neighborhood initiatives with civil and religious groups, there is a place for the federal government - enforcing the inalienable rights of the Constitution. It was Eisenhower who intervened for education. It was a Supreme Court that ended the nonsense of "separate but equal." Stop railing and start offering statesmanship and perhaps non-white voters will see your side.

Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid, how about living with the same rules that you impose upon us? In fact, in the name of fairness and public service, how about having all federal employees live under the same rules the rest of us endure? How about having pension plans that reflect real money in, a normal risk and pay out what the rest of the hard-working population receives? Why are you exempt from the ethical and financial rules? How come your negotiations were secretive when you promised a new tone in Washington?

Dear Tea Party friends: In addition to protest and petition, blogging and electioneering, how about mobilizing business, civic, educational and religious leaders to transform neighborhoods, one friendship and one project at a time? You do not need to change your convictions. Your desire to "throw the bums out" and have new voices is refreshing. But your passions are hollow without concrete action.

To all "Progressives" - most of which are funded by global capitalists like Moore and Soros: While you continue your venomous attacks on Israel and the USA, on Catholics and Evangelicals, on conservatives and others who stand for liberty, where is your call for personal integrity and responsibility? Why do you have to excoriate a Democrat like Bill Cosby for his advocacy that Dads and Moms actually be adults? Why do you ignore the failed experiments of Soviet and Eurcommunism and keep advocating for more bureaucratic machinery? Why do you pile on ad hominem attacks on Sarah Palin while ignoring the lives destroyed by Rahm Emmanuel?

To all conservatives: Where is the fresh vision for the future that is more than nostalgia? Where are the real answers for immigration that protect us and open opportunity for hard-working folks? Where are the infrastructure resources going to come from? How can the free market be greener and unleash its creativity? Will you be more nuanced so we can defend traditional marriage while allowing others some legal way to share joy and suffering, property and posterity? Can we be completely pro life and not only defend the unborn and aged, but the working class from Walmart exploitation?

Americans are better than the current rhetoric. Let's prove it with renewed faith, new friendships and a future empowered by our Founder's principles.

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