Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe the Heckler

Last summer before the 2008 Presidential Election, Joe the Plumber made quite a splash with his criticisms of then-candidate Barack Hussein Obama. The attempts to destroy him have failed and Joe the Plumber remains an interesting voice in the public square.

Last night we were introduced to Joe the Heckler who rudely interrupted the President's speech on health care reform with two words, "You lie!"

A shocked political class and their media minions are aghast with such effrontery. Today's apology is not quelling their quest for blood - and a quick opportunity to pick up votes for a bill no one can define.

I do not endorse the rude behavior, though I am bemused by the historical amnesia of those in power regarding their responses to President Bush's speeches. In today's America, run by the current crop of elitists, it is OK

* To force conservative speakers off platforms at universities.

* To call all Republicans a variety of names.

* To boo President Bush during State of the Union speeches, but be shocked by last night's outburst.

* To laugh about the details of bills you are passing, suggesting that more lawyers are needed to understand them, but who has time for such work? (Thank you Mr. Conyers)

* To denigrate your opponents as "extremists" and "Nazis" while designating your own leftist leaders as "progressive."

* To watch Arab students on more than 600 campuses call for the destruction of Israel while commending the "peaceful" religion of Islam.

* To claim pro-choice credentials while bemoaning the abortion of girl babies in China and India (thank you Secretary Clinton).

* To excoriate anyone questioning Obama's eligibility for President while ignoring the sealed records of most of his background before becoming a state senator, questioning John McCain's eligibility, and spending hundreds of thousands in legal fees to keep the records sealed and marginalize dissent.

* To defend the regimes of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro and neglect the tens of thousands imprisoned or killed by these thugs.

To criticise military torture (a valid point) while ignoring the trail of hundreds of destroyed people who tried to stop the Obama juggernaut.

To attack and marginalize Governor Palin while sidestepping every question of how the mounting deficits will be confronted.

Joe the Heckler was out of order. But Joe the Heckler was correct: our President is lying to us about the nature and scope of his plans for our nation's future in general and the breadth of health care reform in particular.

Right now, anyone who needs urgent care - with or without "documents" - can receive it in an emergency room. This is not a good long-term solution, but the idea that at least limited care is not available is wrong.

The current Administration is bent on destroying our traditional concept of citizenship. Technically, any health benefits will go to citizens, but in the name of "compassion" the "undocumented" will be eligible, especially if they are paying something into the government coffers.

The Obama Team is aided by agribusinesses that refuse to update their technology and therefore need a supply of cheap labor. Joined by "activists" and compassionate folks, these unlikely allies are eroding our financial and political stability. By the way, recent polling notes that many unemployed American citizens would be willing to work at the so-called "jobs no one wants." It is cheaper to break the law for business owners. Consider the following:

* California's overcrowded prisons could become a model of cleanliness and space if all illegals were deported forthwith.

* Much of the public debt of several states would be reduced if illegals were deported.

People from all nations except Mexico have to go through a gauntlet before being able to work and vote in the USA. When are we going to get over the misplaced guilt of 1848, reaffirm our borders and tell the Mexican government to use their vast oil wealth to take care of there own people, clean up their drug trade and stop killing the illegals on their southern border?

Joe the Heckler spoke for millions about the Democratic Leadership's real agenda: permanent power, socialism and the global elites controlling our destiny.

"Keep saying it is so, Joe!"


Anonymous said...

Charlie Self -
You, as well as "Joe the Heckler."
are heros to the American people!
Your sane and intelligent voices
are being heard above the absolute
nonsense (and may I say evil) gibberish that continues to flood the "air waves."

God bless you...and may we wake up before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

I love that Rep Joe Wilson called Obama out for what he is on live t.v. in front of the entire nation. We're at this point, today, because conservatives are too polite to point out a liar when we see one I don't appreciate you suggesting that Rep Wilson was out of line. I expect you to support him and encourage others to speak out, especially during Obama's tax payer funded advertising campaigns. I actually slept more soundly knowing that our Congress members can stand up to Obama without disappearing. The day they stop standing up is the day we ship out.