Sunday, July 12, 2009

Unbelievable Arrogance

"The sky is falling!" "Doom, despair and destruction!" "Floods and famine!"

Such are the histrionics of the current Democratic leadership as they attempt to coerce Congress into passing the worst piece of legislation is U.S. history. Never in our years as a Republic has such a blatant attempt at total centralization of economic and social policy come before us.

In addition to being immoral, unconstitutional, ineffective and globalist, this "Climate Change" bill (notice the nuanced transition from the discredited phrase, "global warming" to the vaguer "climate change" now that science has confirmed a cooling trend since 1998) is baseless, manipulative propaganda, designed, in the words of Al Gore, to move the USA toward "global governance."

Finally, we have some honesty in the midst of the elitist manipulation of the masses. The real winners are the new multinationals dedicated to "green" industries that cannot make money without a massive transfer of private wealth to the public sector!

The unbelievable arrogance of the neopagans running the show is almost too much to take.To think that humankind has control over nature is the height of pride and a contradiction of the "simple" life they claim to desire. Think about these incongruous ideas, side-by-side:

* Abortion on demand, but save the slug.

* Regulate all kinds of emissions, but the elite can have a personal 747.

* Make the USA accountable to the world, but allow the greater polluters - Russia, China, and India - generations before they are regulated.

* Tax all the productive citizens, but make back room deals with bankers and watch the bonuses flow.

* Claim to care about the "regular citizen" but create legislation so complex that the people voting on it do not understand or even read all of it!

* Excoriate the oil companies while subsiding unproven and unproductive technologies.

What is the agenda of President Obama and friends? Nothing less than centralized control of everyday life and ultimate global governance.

This train wreck must be halted in the next two elections or historians will declare 2008 the end of the American experiment in freedom.

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