Monday, May 18, 2009

Hubris and Ignorance on Display

The Obama Administration's hubris and ignorance is on full display in its current Middle East policy.

The words emanating from Washington sound like academic rants from the 1970s instead of proposals that propel peace forward. Oh, I forgot - the people now in power really believe the radical rhetoric they were fed in class!

The USA has been the only even-handed voice in this region since the 1950s. We are advocates for a safe, strong Israel - not to oppress Palestinians, but to uphold democracy and human rights. We are for a new Palestinian state, as long as it grants full diplomatic recognition to Israel and renounces subversion and terrorism.

Our careful policies are being swept away by arrogant Arabist sentiments and a disdain for Israel that is palpable. Hamas and Hezbollah still exist for the destruction of Israel. Gaza was returned and 95% of all territories occupied since 1967 have been offered to the Palestinians - and still they refuse peace and full recognition.

There is no moral equivalence between Israel and her opponents. To speak of two sides to the issues as if both parties had a few minor disagreements is to miss the strategic reality completely.

Israel is a democracy - factious, and almost self-destructive in her desires for freedom. Current Arab leaders know nothing of real democracy.

Israel has offered land for peace so many times that Obama's current call to "end settlements" is nothing more than pandering to Al Jezeera. As soon as Palestinian leaders are serious about living side-by-side with their Jewish neighbors (who have thousands of Arab citizens and multiple religious communities), peace becomes possible.

Israel will survive. She will secure her future regardless of U.S. policy.

I do not believe the USA will retain her important mediation role if she continues down the current appeasement pathway. In fact, I think the future of the USA is directly connected with intelligent support for Israel and other democracies who resist globalism and oppression.

Australia refuses to give in to extremism. The Czech Republic will not be bullied by France. Ireland is booming - they have a work ethic and peaceful relations among former enemies. South Africa has struggles, but the contrast with Zimbabwe is due to South Africa's commitment to human rights and reconciliation.

All these nations - and Israel - are standing against ideological tyranny and anti-democratic movements.

When Europe self-destructed during Word War I, the results were totalitarian movements on the Left and Right. Europe's Christian and Classical Center collapsed and the vacuum was filled by Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler, along with lesser-known oppressors like Franco, Salazar, Pillduski, Antonescu, Horthy and other petty tyrants.

Israel will survive. She has a mission for the world. She is the phoenix born from the (literal) ashes of the Holocaust.

If the USA does not recover her values and vision of self-regulating liberty, we will not survive into the next century.

President Obama, give peace a real chance by strengthening ties with Israel and calling on all parties to live up to the Camp David and Oslo Accords.

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