Saturday, January 20, 2007


Speaking Products for
Dr. Charlie Self
“Messenger to the Thoughtful” TM

Calling all to “Think Deeply and Act Decisively” TM

Keynotes for All Audiences
“The One-Hour Focus: Get Clear Now”
Featuring the Faithful Life Quadrant
Distill the Past and Determine a New Future
Humility is the Key to Honor
Healthy Self-Esteem: Real Affirmation
Happy Relationships: Free to Love
Hopeful Living: The Life You Were Designed For
Direct, immediate, personal benefits:
The One-Minute Refocus: start and restart your day well!
Place the Past in Perspective
Get free of self-destructive habits and relationships
Start Your Life-Plan
The Lasting Source of Joy

“The Global Update: Your 21st Century Life”
Seven trends that are transforming our world and what they mean to you
Seven hopeful signs and how to make a difference in your world
Seven virtues necessary to navigate the rapids
Direct, immediate, personal benefits:
Learn to distinguish good information from bad – crucial in this Internet Age
The right and wrong kind of “global citizenship”
Raising a healthy family under stress
Living Your Plan – to the benefit of others

“All We Need for Divine Fulfillment”
Seven Resources for Living the Life God Designed for You
Not the Life You Want – Something Even Better!
There is an Entire Team on Your Side!
The Real “Secret” to Fulfillment

“Cool Heads and Warm Hearts: Living a Passionate and Principled Life”
Let’s Unlearn Some Lies! Exposing False Thinking:
Ideal vs. Real
Head vs. heart
Theory vs. Practice
Spiritual vs. Material
Business vs. Charity
Success vs. Significance
Seven Keys to Clear Thinking: Sorting through the Mess
The Imagination Age – 21st Century People and Products
The Product is the Story
True Wealth – Creativity

“Back to the Future: History and Hope” (this is an entire series and can be adapted to the audiences)
The Premise for this Series: Current challenges must be met with BOTH distilled wisdom from history and discovery of future possibilities!
Some examples:
“Balanced Living: Insights from the Benedictines”
Social and Spiritual Transformation: the Amazing Grace of Wilberforce
Beyond War: Peacemakers Change History
The Pilgrims Still Speak: Plymouth Plantation and 21st Century America

“Christianity and Islam: Coexistence and Conflict”
Three types of Muslims
The Real Crisis in the West: The Moral and Spiritual Vacuum
The West’s Self-Destruction: Inevitable without Awakening
Three Keys for Living with Our Deepest Differences
Conflict: Two Views of the Future
Coexistence: First Principle

“An Evening with Dr. History”: An Intimate Dialogue on History and Hope
Maximum of 20 People
120 minutes of food, conversation, with a special presentation and time for Q & A
Topics chosen in collaboration with Dr. Charlie and the Hosts

Coming Soon: “Tears in God’s Bottle – Experiencing the Holocaust and the Passion” – a multimedia presentation featuring Dr. Charlie Self’s poetic narrative of a Jewish survivor and the poignant charcoal images of Kathleen Self. This is an unforgettable experience of history and hope, image and word that will leave you determined to build bridges of compassion and understanding.

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