Monday, May 15, 2006

Allergic to Hypocrisy

It is Spring again and now that the rain has ceased, the pollens are released and my allergies assert themselves with full force.

No, this is not a narcissistic blog about my struggle with hay fever. I want to use the metaphor of allergies to express some direct thoughts on the current stae of affairs in the the public square of the USA.

I am allergic to
  • "Conservatives" who talk about reduing debt and government waste while missing the opportunities to do so.
  • "Liberals" who want "justice" but have no firm princples upon which to define the word itself.
  • Educational leaders who call for parental generosity (endless fund-raising), involvement and responsibility while undermining all of these with politically correct campaigns to rewrite history and redefine anthropology and morality in the name of diversity.
  • Church leaders who reject the teachings of their traditions while reaping all the financial rewards of the their clergy status. A special shame on Epicopalians such as "Bishop" Spong who should start their own separate religion instead of sponging off of the leagcy of faithful, orthodox Christians.
  • Global business leaders who care nothing for borders, national sovereignty or the conditions of their workers.
  • Politicians who still, after 40 years of failure, do not understand that you can not maintain an indefinite welfare state and wage a serious war at the same time.
  • Denominational leaders who call upon their faithful to be witnesses in the world while urging their withdrawl from public schools.
  • Secular, Western elites who love to villify anything Jewish or Christian while insisting for special respect for the Islamic way of life.
  • Muslim leaders who preach hatred and violence in their mosques while claiming to be for peace when they speak to the press.
  • All who claim history is nothing but the stories of the victors, while they selectively use history to push ideological agendas.

Well, it is time for another pill for the sneezing. Stay tuned...I have a feeling that my next article will contain more items to awaken our allergies...

There are remedies - like facing the truth and creating sacrificial solutions.

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