Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The Future of the Family

What is a "family"?

Is it a Mom, a Dad, Kids, pets and a SUV?

Is it any multigenerational group that lives under the same roof?

Today's tumultuous political climate makes this a "hot potato" for everyone. Deeply held convictions are masked by public promotion of flexibility and tolerance.

Serious psychological research unveils the importance of positive female and male role models for all children.

So a healthy family must mean a heterosexual couple committed to each other and their children.

Hold it!! Why can't Johnny have two Moms or two Dads?

Are homosexual partnerships just as healthy for children and long-term social cohesion as the "traditional" marriage?

In my next article I will answer this directly - for now, some questions to ponder:

How we answer the question on the family is foundational for the future of social harmony and public policy. What do we do with our deep differences? Will it be considered "hate speech" to speak out against non-heterosexual partnerships? What is going to be "normal"?

Our future rests on the answers.

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